#Covfefe golf
The space is filled with millenial pink strings, a spatial graph that creates obstacles and openings. Through Augmented reality (AR), a golf course is revealed on the ceiling of the space and an urban landscape on the floor. The material network becomes a virtual network of relations investor-politics-urbanism, whereas the physical world of the golf course, where the uber rich make decisions, and the cityscape are virtual. Suddenly, the city under the visitors’ feet gets flooded - AR reminds us of the material implications of virtual power networks. Images in the media conceal the reality behind the glossy surface. We need to acquire the ability to read beyond the facade and penetrate through the “media covfefe.”

Installation: Custom to space (from hall to an architectural model), with an Augmented reality app for mobile devices Year: 2018
Team members: Igor Simić, Nikola Stepković, Monika Milosavljević, Nikola Ivković