Late Night Weltschmerz

Late Night TV with Mina as your melancholic host.

Year: 2023 Video: 3min 27s, color, 1,85:1, stereo sound, 2k DCP
68 Projects, Berlin, 2023

Don’t be Fake

An episode of sing-along Post Fake News.

Year: 2023 Video: 3min 30s, color, 2,4:1, stereo sound, 2k DCP

The End Times

The End Times with exclusive interviews. 

Year: 2020
Video: 5min 18s, color, 16:9, stereo sound, 2k DCPB3 Biennial 2021, Frankfurt
Fall Exhibition 2020, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade curator Maja Ćirić

The Cub - video game

After the Great Ecological Catastrophe the ultra rich move to Tesla City on Mars. The rest of us died. Years later, when a research mission revisits Earth, they spot a human-like kid. How is that possible? The Martians want answers, but this energetic, mutant cub always slips away.

While running around the vibrant post-apocalyptic world, the cub wears a Martian helmet that airs Radio Nostalgia from Mars, streaming music and memories of Earth directly from Tesla City.

Production: demagog studio

Highwater - video game

Amid the Great Ecological Catastrophe, Nikos & Co. live in the flooded region around Hightower and will try to enter the city of Alphaville, where the ultra-rich are preparing to evacuate to Mars.

Available on Netflix. Coming soon to consoles and PC.