Late Night Weltschmerz

Late Night TV with Mina as your melancholic host.

Year: 2023 Video: 3min 27s, color, 1,85:1, stereo sound, 2k DCP
68 Projects, Berlin, 2023

Don’t be Fake

An episode of sing-along Post Fake News.

Year: 2023 Video: 3min 30s, color, 2,4:1, stereo sound, 2k DCP

The End Times

The End Times with exclusive interviews. 

Year: 2020
Video: 5min 18s, color, 16:9, stereo sound, 2k DCPB3 Biennial 2021, Frankfurt
Fall Exhibition 2020, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade curator Maja Ćirić

Return to Earth

Golf Club: Wasteland  (now on storefronts Golf Club: Nostalgia),
The Cub and Highwater 
- video games

After an ecological catastrophe on Earth the ultra rich moved to Tesla City on Mars. In their free time, citizens of Mars take charter flights back to Earth to play golf in the ruins. While visiting Earth, the former Mars pilot, Charlie, listens to Radio Nostalgia from Mars.

Available on Sony PlayStation, Nintedo Switch, Microsoft Xbox and PC.

Manifesta 15, Pristina 2022
Klemm’s Gallery, Berlin 2021
Visio Palazzo Strozzi, Florence 2019
Ars Electronica, Linz 2019

Best Game, B3 Biennial, 2021

Best Use in Film, Unity Award Nomination, 2018
BIG Indie Award at Reversed, Vienna, Best Story Award

REBOOT Develop 2018, Indie Award, First prize for Most Innovative Gameplay

Other video game trailers:

Radio Nostalgia from Mars

3 soundtracks: