Spine 2.0

Spine 2.0 is a smart bionic implant for human augmentation. In the heart of the Silicon Valley, we at Custom Spines Lab build prosthetics for human augmentation. Feel spineless? Get a backbone. We already supply aspiring political leaders, entrepreneurs and the military with this groundbreaking invention for spinal agility, chakra alignment, connectivity and character uprightness with our signature morality-nano-fibers©.


B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, Frankfurt (2017)
Aliseo Art Projects, Un-Mensch-Antastbar, Gengenbach (2018)
Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade (2018)

Year: 2016
Video: 1min 50s, color, 16:9, stereo sound, 2k DCP
Sculpture: 3D print of Spine 2.0, Plexi case 110x35x40 cm 

Writer and director: Igor Simić / Director of photography and colorist: Nemanja Jovanov / Sound design and music: Shane Berry / Visual effects, CGI & illustrations: Nikola Stepković / Editor: Djordje Stanković / Voice: Paul Currion / Actors: Branislav Tomašević, Ana Dukovski, Petra Komadinić, Branislav Mihajlović / Sound recordist: Igor Bulović / Producer: Igor Simić / Executive producer: Nemanja Jovanov / Organizers: Maja Todorović, Jelena Vorkapić